Lesbian Bed Book!

A book. about lesbians. in bed.

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LOL Word, mark 2

Whilst facebooking after watching the last episode of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

L - at one point did I become a lesbian? Because seriously, I now laugh out loud at L Word jokes. when did the lesbiculture catch up with me?

K - When you started watching lesbian TV shows, shagging ladies, and getting involved in the LGBT movement. sorry to break it to you.

L - Shit. also, fuck me, I LOVE autostraddle!

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L informs K that she has just used ‘Truthpaste’, toothpaste that makes you tell the truth. the following is the interrogation she recieved from K afterwards.

K - Do you ever lie to me about how good I am?

L - *awkward silence*

K - That means yes, doesn’t it?

L - Only sometimes!

K - this morning?!

L - this morning was good!

K - and yesterday?

L - that was… less good.

K - you need to just tell me the truth, if you tell me it’s bad then I can try and figure out how to get better, if you just keep telling me it’s good then I’m not going to know any different.

L - … you know most couples probably have this discussion about sex, not about coffee making abilities.

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Les Get Lyrical

Whilst having a cuddly morning chat

K - I love you

L - I just woke up, why you love me?!

K - Because every morning I wake up, and I see you, and realise that I’m really lucky. everything kind of sucks right now, but in the end I have you…

L - We’ve got each other, and that’s a lot for love?

K - What?

L - We’ll give it a shot! we’re half way there… and we’re living on a prayer…

K - Oh shut up!

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We still have followers?!


I’ve logged on today because L is going home for a week. while I stay here, working, on my bill.

it’s only a week, I know. but it’s making me sad. 

and here’s a little one, in case you missed us -

K 'Hey! get away from my side of the bed!'

L ‘I cleaned it!’

K 'It's still MY side! and I'm standing here'

L ‘well If it weren’t for me, your feet would be speaking german!’

it’s a really weird world war 2 reference.

you shouldn’t expect anything better from us haha

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In response

tonnehead replied to your post: Long Time No Les
I’m a happily taken bi guy, you probably will never know me but seeing as your asking for opinions I thought I’d shoot. Your blog is great! It took me weeks to give up on your blog and now you’ve posted again I’ve found hope for the world of humour!

I’m glad you didn’t completely give up! although it’s totally understandable if some have.

I’ll let you all in on a secret, L has been away from me for a fortnight. it’s the longest we’ve been apart. I know it’s not much but it feels like months to me.

She’s coming home to me tomorrow.

Expect a LOT OF POSTS over the next two days. I’ll be so overjoyed that I’m pretty sure we’ll both say a lot of ridiculous shit.

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Long Time No Les


it’s been too long, dear followers.

I’m going to try my damndest to bring this back. but I think this will extend further then just the occasional lovers quip.

I’m curious to find out what you all would like/expect from a blog like this. do you just want humour? do you want to find out more about us? do you really not give a shit and want us to post porn? (We’ve been asked. more than once)

Send us a message and let us know.

Meanwhile, everyone check this out!


We’ll post again real soon ;)

- K

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Dear bedbookers,


My LGBT friend has entered a huge music competition. voting has started today and she needs a LOT of support.

I fully want her to do well, so, PLEASE, if you can spare a few minutes this will mean a lot to me.

go here : http://www.supajam.com/feis2011/entry/Kayleigh-Morgan

and vote on her songs. it seriously will only take 3 minutes, tops!

it will mean so much to the both of us.

please reblog :)

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